Chilling With Glen

Welcome to my web site, Chilling with Glen. Here you can just chill, check out my recipes and ask questions about anything. I’ve developed my bread recipes as part of the whole no-knead craze with an eye towards speed and ease of preparation. With a few twists to my basic process, a variety of tasty breads can be prepared. A new loaf is baked every 2-3 days for everyday use with a myriad of variations. And I don’t want to continually pat myself on the back, but my bread is extremely delicious and is a welcome addition and now requirement for any and all family events.


Heavenly Sandwich RollsNo-Knead Honey Bread

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Smoked Pork ShoulderSmoked Whole Chicken

Smoked Brisket PastramiMore Barbeque Recipes


Beer rocks.

Yuengling Black and TanLagunitas Maximus Colossal IPA

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